After yesterday’s good work output, today was less of a worthwhile effort at the lab. Managed to make just one target (A green rhombus), and tried testing the axis camera.
Which brings me to my rant – the axis cameras are annoying to the extreme! First, more often thatn not, they fail to respond to my browser requests, and when they do, after repeated plugging/unplugging of lan cables (and muttered curses) they show the video for a few seconds and then just – crash.
I think that this had something to do with the fact that I’ve set the resolution at 1280, as I remember that setting it at 640×480 didn’t give me any issues. Am at a loss as to how to fix things. Perhaps its because the router. I’ll have to test and see.
Also tried out the bullet wireless transceivers. The camera on the plane managed to send video feed back, and the embedded people heaved a sigh of relief. If they only knew what’s wrong with the other camera…