Alright, so today’s work entailed grabbing images from the axis camera over the network. After a little while got to know that a simple wget command to the http address documented on the camera manual did the job. To implement this, wrote out a system() dialog fetching the image into the working directory. Also, removed previous instances of image.jpg before doing that, else the consequent frames were captured as image.jpg.1 , .2 etc.
The flight test’s tomorrow, and the targets have come up pretty well. The modular design is especially pretty cool. However there are still doubts over their survivability and their ability to stay put on the windy airfield, especially as we didn’t manage to get adequate nails to secure them.
Had a late night scare as the generator threatened to literally pull the plug off the test, but the it’s still on, as some replacement is due. So got nothing new really to do, except work on the code a bit.
A nagging issue is that the code behaves weirdly if it doesn’t get correct shapes to qualify as letters. Specifically, asserts fail as it doesn’t receive any image in the hue extraction methods. So, will probably work on error control there. And that’s that for the day/night.