Unfortunately, due to the @!#$ internet connection, this blog post was, unfortunately, lost. Anyway, the jist of the post was that not much has been done since the last post, and work is proceeding at a snail’s pace. Also, a major error was detected and rectified wherein I had naively set the hue ranges to {1,180} rather than {0,180} because of the spike in the red colour in the Histogram. That, in turn, was because of the fact that the black background of the image (I simply extract the features of interest and place them on a blank image) , when transformed to the HSV colour space came up as hue 0, or Red. So, fixed it by using the mask to calculate the Histogram, and all was good.

The next thing to do is implementing the back propagation neural network. What’s been figured out is that the test images from the public database have to be scaled down to a smaller resolution – say 16×16, fed to some arbit number of hidden layer neurons, and then five output neurons, as we require 5 bits of information (26 letters + 10 digits).

I end, as the original post did, with – This is going to be one busy semester.