‘Twas a balmy April
a Greek wedding
and its After Effects

All development work came to a screeching halt this April as my cousin got married. Amidst the hoopla and hype of an inter-national wedding, I got to dabble with Adobe After Effects to make a wedding presentation for the beautiful couple. I had been meaning to jump in for the longest time, but the intimidating UI (and more importantly, lack of time) held me back.

So after a day and a half’s worth of online tutorials and stumbling through the dark, here’s the final result!

After Effects definitely lived up to its hype and my expectations. There are loads of cool stuff in this presentation that I worked on – The intro image has been layered off to provide a 3D perspective (note how crudely I’ve stamp tooled the background), the photos are all staggered in 3D space and there’s a particle field in suspended growth which looks really nice with the motion blur. Manipulating the camera movement was a real pain, and loads of painstaking keyframing and readjusting the photos was required to get it to work (which is why at some places I was forced to give up). Shallow depth of field helps focus the attention well, and a random ‘camera shake’ provides a sense of dynamism to the presentation.

p.s. the title was shameless copied from a tutorial.

In other news, work on the senior project hasn’t really progressed as I finally had to start attending college (shakes fist at the final semester) as there are only a few weeks of studies remaining. I also winded up my intern at Hi Tech as I couldn’t really find any more time to go there. Pity that I couldn’t complete the work on the full scale setup that they now have :( (Shakes fist at the Autoexpo and its consequent delays)

Oh, and I’m heading to the RISS program again! Yay! :D I’ll be working under Prof. Drew Bagnell on the BIRDS project where the objective is to use ML magic to help MAVs navigate through densely cluttered environments like forests using only on board vision. *Very* interesting :)